Clinical Massage Treatment

Clinical Massage consists of traditional Swedish Massage techniques, deep tissue muscle therapy, myofascial release with trigger point therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Vodder techniques. The focus is for rehabilitation of orthopedic injury and is a perfect compliment to your physical recovery. The use of *Sigma Q Muscular Electromagnetic Stimulation and *Far Infrared Heat increases the relaxation and healing potential while strengthening our bodies.

*Contraindicated with patients with pacemakers



For pre/post activity, this specialty is designed to prepare the muscles for exercise, or help them recover more quickly for the next activity or event. The goal is to help keep the athlete at optimal performance by freeing up impaired movements, and to speed up recovery/healing of scarred tissue.

Nestor Battung was an important piece of the 2008 U20 World Championship Team when we won Gold in Chile. Not only his technical work as an expert massage therapist which was fantastic but everything he added, above and beyond, helping to build our team into a Champion.
— Tony DiCicco, Head Coach, ’08 USA U20 FIFA World Cup Champions
You’re a good man Nestor, thanks for making me feel good.
— Lou P. Cubs 2007


Pre/Post Natal Massage and Pregnancy Treatments

This is a specialty massage that focuses on the wellbeing of both mother and child promoting relaxation and relieving the discomforts of pregnancy. This treatment helps to decrease stress, swelling, and low back pain.

Chair Massage

Chair massage is a brief, effective bodywork session, done in a specialty chair and fully clothed. The focus is to relieve muscular tension in your back, neck, arms, and hands. This helps reduce stress level anxiety and ease your pain.

Nestor’s work is unparalleled. When he’s finished, I feel relaxed and invigorated. He removes years of muscle strain, which allows me to be better prepared to meet my physical goals and objectives.
— Bob P., Attorney